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What do I love just as much as creating liturgy?  Teaching, planning, and plotting out liturgy with others!

Either one-on-one and/or with your congregation, we can work together to explore how to push boundaries, expand creativity, and create space for all to experience the Spirit in worship.  


Worship planning is an art. It’s a discipline. It must be done over and over and over again to get worship “under our skin.” How we plan worship reflects what we believe worship should be — a transformative, communal experience of observing, trusting, trying, reflecting, and taking chances for the sake of experiencing the Holy One. Together we can create a worship planning process for your congregation that prompts new ideas, creativity, and community ownership in innovative ways to worship. To read more about the values and background that I bring to the worship planning process click here.

THE ART OF Liturgy and Improvisation 

Improv is saying yes and then building off that yes. Improv is the "yes....and..." in liturgy.  I'm not talking about comedy improv. I'm talking about moments in liturgy that are unscripted, open, spacious, and invite everyone to bump up against the Spirit. Improv in liturgy combines safety and freedom, structure and wildness. Improv leaves no one out, it involves all. We can work together to explore ways your liturgy has scripted out moments and moments that create movement, freedom, and choice. Improv is risky, invites vulnerability, creates intimacy and creates holy community. Read more about my thoughts on liturgy and improv here

The ARt of Liturgical Coaching

This liturgy stuff is hard-ass work. It asks a lot of us as clergy. We can work together one-on-one to talk through steps to create liturgical change and renewal in your congregation. Why go this alone? Why feel like you're the only one trying to create liturgical change? Let's work together to shore you up and create concrete steps to release the holy creativity in your community. 


Worship planning, improvisation, and congregational change can all be woven together for workshops and weekend retreats. Contact me for more information:

Let’s connect so that you can tap into your courageous, risk-taking, authentic, and creative clergy self.

Consultation with Ashley

One hour of mentoring/consultation with Ashley.
Price: $75.00