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Liturgy is an act of developing the voice--developing the voice of God's people to tell God's ancient, Biblical story; developing our voice as a community to hear ourselves say, out loud, how God's story is our story of prophetic witness. 

I write for the same reasons--to develop my own voice, to articulate how liturgy can be bold, prophetic, and ancient all at the same time. I write to hear myself. I write to build my own resiliency and witness to the Ways of God. I write to keep my voice from being reluctant to social change. I write as a discipline, to keep myself from being trapped in the ways of boring-ass liturgy, to remind myself of liturgical experiences that have been life-giving.  

We need to share the stories of prophetic liturgy in order to shore each other up and inspire each other in the on-going work of prophetic Christian witness on a broken planet. 

Here are some of my writings about all things liturgy: