Podcasts on Story Divine and Presbyterians Today

These were fun!

I did a podcast with the amazing Casey Fitzgerald on her Story Divine of  Faith and Wonder podcast site. Focus: Emmaus Road and my own Emmaus Road story.

[audio mp3="http://godofthesparrow.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Episode_13_On_the_Road_Again.mp3"][/audio]

Next up is a podcast with Rocky Supinger for Presbyterians Today on liturgy, worship planning, and this liturgical die-in I created for the Forum for Theological Exploration.

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Storytelling with Faith and Wonder

My good buddy, Casey Fitzgerald, is a master Biblical storyteller and has started a blog called Faith and Wonder to explore more deeply personal storytelling in relationship to Biblical storytelling. Casey's tag line is "living and telling stories with Spirit." Being a Biblical storyteller means Casey learns the Biblical stories by heart and shares those stories with congregations and audiences of every interested sort. Casey's pretty bad-ass.

Casey started a podcast not only for Biblical storytelling but to have others tell their personal story alongside a Biblical one.

Casey asked me to jump on her podcast to share my own personal Emmaus Road experience. Here is our 25 minute podcast where I share my story of worshiping at the Open Door Community in Atlanta, Georgia and realizing I had a choice to make: Will I be a minister for Christ or a Minister for the Machine?

Check out the podcast HERE.

Check out Casey in storytelling mode here.